Monday, June 9, 2008

Screts Traffics bloglog

MyBlogLog: Active Traffic Or Passive Surfers?
There are a lot of people generating a ton of traffic with
MyBlogLog. In fact, I was shocked at how much traffic I
have generated in a short amount of time just from this one
website alone.
These are people who buy my products, read my articles,
post comments and spend some time at my blog. With a lot
of other social community services, while you can easily
generate a ton of traffic in just a few hours, for the most
part the traffic remains for only a few minutes before surfing
onto the next blog.
That kind of traffic doesn’t yield feasible results.
When I first started using MyBlogLog (a service of Yahoo), I
joined with the simple intention of just checking it out, I
really wasn’t expecting any miracle traffic nor was I planning
on becoming a daily active user. When I started exploring
the community however, I was surprised at how userfriendly
their interface is and how cleverly designed the
entire system is. In fact, MyBlogLog has created the
program to literally push users to your blog and help you
generate traffic. They motivate their community members
to browse the websites of one another and unlike
StumbleUpon, a lot of the visitors to your blog aren’t there
just to “exchange” traffic with you, they are truly interested
in what you have to offer.