Saturday, June 28, 2008

21 income streaming

Most of the ideas that I have listed here are completely random and just listed in order
that I thought of the, However, I intentionally made affiliate marketing number one of this
list because it is by far the easiest way that I know to make money online.
Just in case you’ve never tried your hand at affiliate marketing here is an easy guide for
getting started and a few tips to help you avoid the mistakes that many “newbie”
marketers often make.
I’ve heard it said over and over again that in order to make money online you first need
to give something freely. That’s very true when it comes to affiliate marketing. Also have
a sincere “GIVE BEFORE YOU GET” mindset. Give your audience good quality,
original information and they’ll reward you with great sales!
Before you select affiliate products to sell you need to focus your attention on a
MARKETABLE NICHE. Notice, I didn’t just say a niche but a marketable niche. There’s
a huge difference.
A marketable niche not only likes your product but also has the disposable income to
spend on your product.