Friday, June 27, 2008

The complete guide to handling women

To illustrate how important the subject of handling women
is just look at the divorce rate. A study of the divorce rate
states that 50% of marriages fail and within 20 years or so
it will probably be 75%, I will state here and now (a lot of
women will love me for this and a lot of men will hate me
but it's true) but I really feel that when a marriage or
relationship fails it's the mans fault in over 90% of the
cases. He does not know how to handle his wife or
girlfriend; he does not know how to make her happy. He
takes her for granted and ignores her.
The other day a guy who bought one of my manuals on
meeting women through personals called me and asked me
the following. He wanted to know why no women would
stay interested in him. Every woman he met would lose
interest in him after the first or second date. I explained to
him a few simple rules of holding women, the same rules
you will learn, and he now has no trouble. Another guy
wanted to know why all women would refuse to dance
with him when he asked. After I questioned him I realized
that he was making a basic mistake nearly all men make
when they ask a girl to dance.