Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Black hat Code

In this guide I will share all my techniques and secrets that I have applied and used to generate thousands of dollars with blackhat techniques. These methods are not rehearsed methods but methods that I have used myself and that work. I will also go into some great detail on the best Affiliate Networks to join and how to get approved with Affiliate Networks. This is going to be a complete step-by-step blueprint on Blackhat Marketing and after finishing this guide you will make money so fast you will end up thanking me. But if you do not want to take action – Quit now. Anyway, so thats just a basic definition of Blackhat Marketing without confusing you and using the jargon that most guys do.

The one year that I began to take a keen interest in online marketing was the year 2004 when I bought my first ever domain and sold it for $1000 a year letter. After the years 2005 and 2006 I began to explore the secrets of online marketing, I began to buy product after product, I got scammed, spent literally thousands of my hard earned money on these “get rich schemes” but nothing was working. I got into debt in 2005, depression hit me and I thought “life was just a pain in the ass”.

After finishing University I was quite literally broke – after working for a few sales job I simply did not want to work for anyone anymore. I got sacked and walked out of my last sales job in 2007 when everything kinda changed for me. That's when I thought enough was enough and thats when I took a serious interest into the wonderful world of Internet Marketing and combined it with Blackhat methods to make my “living” off the Internet to pay those bills.

Many people like me, but not everyone really likes me because I just tell it like it is. I am one of those guys who are laid back but who just does not hold back. I will not be hesitant to share any of secrets because life is too short to keep secrets. I started exploring blackhat methods in late 2007 and thats when I started generating $100 a day. I began to put twists and using creative ways I generated thousands of dollars in a month with blackhat marketing. 2008 was my serious year as you can see from these screenshots below from just ONE of many affiliate networks using the Blackhat Code strategies.